New email address

Hotel Torrecerredo gets a new email

New web page and change of email address

Due to a complete change of policy from our old ISP, the Hotel Torrecerredo has had to change to another ISP. This has also meant a change in our email address. Please note that our new email for reservations is( recepcion @ ) and for all other matters ( info @ )

We have also had to move our webpage, but have taken the opportunity to launch a brand new page (which you are looking at)


2 Comments on “New email address”

  1. Jon

    Hi Jim and Pilar, my mate Graham Allen and I are booked in with you in september 2016 along with a further group lead by my work colleague, Gaz Head.
    Graham and I are travelling earlier the previous week and travelling down through France, Andorra and the N260. We plan to arrive on the same day as Gaz’s party on Wednesday 14th September.
    2 questions-
    We may arrive in the area a day earlier, would we be able to take a room a day earlier – if not can you recommend another hotel in the area.
    There maybe another chap travelling with us by the name of Martin Finnessey. Are there any vacancies for him as part of Gazs larger group.
    I hope to keep in touch with you during our travels, to keep you informed of our arrival at your hotel. this will be my 5th visit to the Picos area, its such a stunning and very welcoming place, with very friendly local residents.


    Jon Elvidge

    1. JimThomson

      Hi Jon
      Hope this message finds you and sorry for the delay. I found your message in amongst 1600 spam messages!
      I have extended the booking on two rooms to arrive on the 13th Sept.
      This blog is not a very good way of contacting us, its better to use our actual email address>

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