The One Star hotel with the Five Star Views

The Hotel Torrecerredo in Arenas de Cabrales
Are you searching for a place to stay in the Picos de Europa? If you prefer smaller establishments run by their owners, filled with personality, and attended by friendly hosts with a good sense of humor, offering delicious food, spectacular views, and a natural environment, we are the ideal choice for you. However, if you are more drawn to commercialism, five-star ratings, prominent recommendations, efficiently cold managers, luxurious rooms, chain hotels, elegant doormen, and everything else that is superficial and clichéd, we suggest you seek another hotel that meets your expectations and then come back to find us. The Hotel Torrecerredo, located in the Picos de Europa, is a modern building just a 3-minute walk from the center of Arenas de Cabrales.
In August 1985, Ramón and Miguelina opened their home to a family who had been searching for a place to stay for hours. From that moment, they decided to continue providing service to travelers. The House on the Hill, as their three children called it, has undergone several transformations to become the Hotel Torrecerredo. Now, Pilar (Ramón and Miguelina’s daughter) and her husband Jim are the new owners, with a mission to “offer personalized service in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.”

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