Special Groups

Over the years, our hotel has hosted a diverse range of groups from all social spectrums. As a results, we have continually enhanced our facilities to meet the specific needs of these groups without them even noticing:
  • Facilities for drying wet clothes, electronic devices, and more.
  • Ample hot water powered by solar energy (with conventional backup) so no one has to endure a cold shower.
  • External hoses for washing various modes of transport, from bicycles to classic cars and horses.
  • Separate accounts in the restaurant and bar to avoid disputes over consumption.

A few of the various groups we have hosted

A picture of getting ready for a shoot
Early morning Photo Shoot
We have provided accommodation and meals, as well as location services, transportation, preparation, and even modeling for various productions since 2001. Our 1992 Land Rover Defender has appeared in numerous fashion magazines.
Pete Webb Photography / Ellis Brigham / Field & Trek / Berghaus
Bike Tours in the Picos de Europa
Bike Tours in the Picos de Europa
Routes through the Picos de Europa and Costa Verde roads are a hit among motorcyclists. After a day exploring high mountain passes and winding secondary roads, our guests love traversing the famous AS114, part of the Golden Triangle, 200 km of stunning landscapes ideal for cycling.
Great place to stay
Here are some of our friends from the motorcycle world.
Bike Tours UK
Private and organized groups frequently explore the Picos mountains, including Cares Gorge, Lagos de Covadonga, and the “Costa Verde” coast. “An excellent base for hiking.”
Excellent base for walking
Here are some of our friends from the walking world.
Exodus Travels The leading Adventure Travel Company in the UK.
Topas Travel Denmarks Largest Travel Company
Sawadee Travel. Holland Aitana. Germany
Naturetrek UK
Escape Sweeden Manaslu Adventures. Spain

Some Companies and Groups We’ve Worked With:

  • Exodus Travels: Leading adventure travel company in the UK.
  • Topas Travel: Largest travel company in Denmark.
  • Sawadee Travels: Netherlands.
  • Aitana: Germany.
  • Naturetrek: UK.
  • **Escape from Sweden.
  • Manaslu Adventures: Spain.
New Section: We are now channeling our efforts towards providing the finest hotel experience in the Picos de Europa and Asturias. Our specialization lies in delivering top-tier accommodations and exceptional services to all our guests, ensuring a memorable stay.